Past Results

Step-overcoming mechanism

Shape morphing wheel mechanism

- Underactuated mechanism
- Energy conversion
- Compliant mechanism

Variable Topology Truss Robot

Node design for reconfigruation

- Spheical chain actuator
- Topology reconfiguration

Facade cleaning module

Cleaning module design for obstacle-overcoming

- Linkage based design
- Kinematics analysis
- Comparative study based on dynamic simulation

Curved spoke tri-wheel

Stair-climbing with tri-wheel mechanism

- Optimal design of the shape
- Stopper mechanism
- Fast and reliable stair-climbing


Optimized locomotion

- Locomotion of VTT robot
- Constrained optimization problem
- Topology reconfiguration


Dry-adhesive linkage-type climbing robot

- Four-bar linkage walking and adapating mechanism
- Climbing on uneven surfaces
- High obstacle overcoming

Hexphere steering

Amphibious water- and ground-running

- Tail steering analysis and experiment
- Klan mechanism for tripod gait
- Pitch control by the tail

Gravity-compensated Manipulator

Light-weight gravity compensated manipulator

- Wire-driven gravity compensation
- Four-DOF
- Increase reliability by winding mechanism

Steering of VelociRoACHs

High-rate controlled turning with a pair of miniature legged robots

- Steering with two VelociRoACH
- Complaint joint in between the robots
- Cooperative steering method

Angle transmission mechanism

Angle transmission mechanism for automatic tool changer

- Tapping machine tool changer based dual four-bar linkages
- New four-bar path generation method
- New hybrid numerical optimization method

ATC mechanism

Angle transmission based on four-bar linkage

- Dual four-bar linkages
- New four-bar path generation method
- New hybrid numerical optimization method


Jumping robot by energy conversion

- Energy conversion from kinetic to potential energy
- No actuator added for jumping
- Compliant link design and analysis


Underwater robot with tilting thrusters

- Four tilting thrusters for 6-DOF control
- Switching-based control
- Nonlinear control and dual-arm manipulation


Vertical climbing on various curvatures

- Compliant adaptation mechanism for curved walls
- Minimal design with single actuator
- Flat dray adhesives


Amphibious water- and ground-running

- Six spherical footpads for the movement
- Klan mechanism for tripod gait
- Bio-inspired tail steering


High ability of obstacle overcoming

- Flip locomotion for stair-climbing
- Tracked mechanism for ground movement
- Optimal design for kinematic parameters


Compliant tracked magnetic climber

- Three magnetic tracked modules
- Torque-based controlled compliant joints
- Application for ship building industries

Dry-adhesive tracked climbing robot

Dry-adhesive based compliant climber

- V-10 based dry-adhseives
- Compliant joint for preloading and obstacle overcoming
- Tail-design for compensating pitch-back moment

Dual servo control of PKM

Positioning control of parallel platform

- Three DOF parallel mechanism with dual stage system
- H-infinity robust controller design
- Master-slave structure for concurrent control

Bio locomotion

Simulation on gecko locomotion

- Measure the joint angle of a gecko
- Kinematic simulation of the locomotion
- Extension algorithm of the locomotion of gecko to various movements

Micro cooling device

Heat transfer optimization

- Heat transfor optimization for the evaporator
- Expansion nozzle design
- Optimization of the nozzle parameters