Recent Results


2-DOF Transformable Wheels for Service Robots

- Kinematic design
- Static analysis
- Prototype

Novel angled spoke-based mobile robot design

For agile locomotion with obstacle-overcoming capability

- Kinematic design
- Prototype design
- Experimental validation

Wall-climbing robot

R-Track: Separable Modular Climbing Robot Design for Wall-to-Wall Transition

- Static analysis
- Modular design and experiment
- Magnetic adhesives

Wall-climbing robot

Steerable Dry-Adhesive Linkage-Type Wall-Climbing Robot

- Static analysis
- Mechanism design and experiment
- Dry adhesives


Window-cleaning robotic manipulator

- Compliant design
- Series elastic acutation
- Cleaning

Variable Topology Truss Robot

Polygon-based locomotion planning

- Satisfy the contstraints
- RRT based planning
- Non-impact rolling


Gondola-equipped facade cleaning robot

- Manipulator design
- Cleaning module
- AI-based contamination detection