Capstone Design Projects

Handy Yielding Universal Track Robot, 2020

Design of a Serial-Parallel Hybrid Manipulator Based on a Humanoid Leg Robot, 2020

Stair-climbing with four-bar based mechanism, 2019

Empirical study on the characteristics of spoke-track mechanism, 2019

Obstacle overcoming robot mechanism using deformation of triangular wheel, 2019

Wave helix robot on various terrains, 2019

Foldable origami walking robot, 2019

Flame detecting snake-shaped robot, 2018

Air-lifting robot, 2018

Fire hose motor-trolley robot, 2018

Spherical fire fighter, 2018

Donut-shape modular robot, 2018

Guide-rial and robotic manipulator system for unmanned factories, 2018

Wall-to-wall transitioning of a climbing robot, 2017

Single actuator steerable robot, 2017

Spherical rolling robot, 2017

Amphibious water and ground robot, 2015

Flexible manipulators, 2015

Hexapedal with repeated locomotion, 2015

Light-weight robot with single actuator, 2014

Spinless free-kick machin, 2013

Comparison on jumping mechanisms, 2013

Pitching machine introducing, 2012

Fast and breaking balls, 2012